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Don't be a ZOMBIE!!

Eh! What! NO! You sure?

If after all this doubt and questioning you make a start. Fanbloodytastic!! BUT to be honest I'm not sure that starting is the hardest part of something new. Especially if it scares you, challenges you beyond anything you've done before or breaks from your comfortable norm.

I work with many people who have started so many times....then stopped! Why because it is hard. If trying to live a healthier life simply eating less crisp or chocolate doesn't work. You need to be challenging how you think.

I watch people in supermarkets walking down the isles like zombies. Throwing into their trolley different processed products, snacks and drinks (zombie snacks). They have become conditioned to not think before buying. If you want to start the life long process to being healthier you need to start with healthy thoughts.

Lets revisit the Supermarket.....with a list. Yeah, a list! This list includes all the fresh foods that are needed to cook the meals for the coming week. No thoughtless 'chuck ins' that have us subconsciously accepting our current state of health, well-being and fitness. Nooooo!!

Imagine this scenario.....pick up the veg and salad then go and get the protein to cook with these. Having done this start sifting through the trolley reminding yourself of what goes with what and when you will cook these meals. Oh joy!! you realise a meal will last 2-3 days.

I'm not saying live like an obsessed health no!! because that's not suitable for many and possibly not sociable or healthy. Instead just try to put less 'Zombie items' in your trolley. If you do want what you consider a treat, make it a conscious addition and try to consider it less often. Enjoy food, fresh cooked food. Eat your treats less often, maybe even much less often. Move more. Think WOW! I'm doing really well and YES I AM SURE.

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